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13/12/2011 - Office 2010 key That judgment, in May 2010 -

Office 2010 key That judgment, in May 2010

computer users in the installation of the 360 security guards version 7.1, then install jinshan nets shield, the system will be activated automatically to the following tip box, 360 through the various technical means to forcibly uninstall competitive products, Outlook 2010 is discount for this month.

the purpose of jinshan nets shield.

360 into the Internet not compatible with regulations lost the first evidence decisions

Industry insiders commentary on this day 360 and jinshan network is the first case of Internet not compatible with case, the first comprehensive judgment geographical clear not compatible with sophisticated, the first clear to the so-called "not compatible with" no legitimacy, is of great significance. Microsoft outlook is the best system ever.


At present, the domestic Internet market because the number of users and are very huge market potential, cause there are many non-standard, unfair competition behavior.

As the losing party 360 companies, not only with golden hill network appeared an act of unfair competition, had and including baidu, tencent, sogou, many enterprises such as rising restricted, appeared the same behavior. Although 360 company always have a different reason, but the law ruling proved again that just browbeating opponent alibi. Office 2007 is on sale now.


Aiming at this kind of behavior, the home also has the anti-unfair competition law "and other relevant provisions, but the rules for the development of the Internet industry is changing ragged.

According to information, the current domestic Internet industry is not standard competition behavior has also caused including workers believe department, the attention of the various ministries.




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13/12/2011 - Download office 2010 Video industry is a burn money profession -

Download office 2010 Video industry is a burn money profession

besides bandwidth, server, the huge spending, film and television play, movies and other copyrighted content resources is a bottomless pit. Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

Fortunately, from since the establishment in 2005, although video field competition is intense, high attrition rate, popular with hd video on demand in the net of P2P video broadcast focused and technology innovation, and adhere to the open cooperation claims, and baidu alliance partners close cooperation, in the industrial chain upstream and downstream and video distribution, leading all the way.

Baidu for video industry a blood transfusion

Video industry though has a huge flow, but because the early video advertising not mature, and customers on the video advertising awareness is not high, cause most video client, There are many improvements in Office 2007 .

 video web site make ends meet. Popular nets USES is the P2P streaming media technology, which can reduce the server and bandwidth costs, but still need to denounce is gigantic endowment to buy that play the original content, etc. "In the early advertising revenue scale hours, baidu union have huge advertising customers resources, and the flow of cash for popular network provides a good channel, also offers a stable income. From baidu union is still FenZhang earnings of us a nice income amount." Popular nets CEO LuoJiangChun said.

In addition to the cash flow, baidu search is popular video software client promotion and download a very important channel, Outlook 2010 is on sale now.

 it ensures that the popular software in the group in Internet users share, and popular itself provided high quality video on demand service, attracted a large number of 25 to 40 years old high value of the crowd, and that it is also popular advertising value of carrying fundamental, the circuitous diversion of the value more than of income on into, and to promote the popular video software client brand and influence.







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13/12/2011 - Office 2010 Microsoft Exhibit a: 360 lawsuit against unfair competition index -

Office 2010 Microsoft Exhibit a: 360 lawsuit against unfair competition index

In December 2010 the 360 evil baidu software, induction of users and unloading, Discount Office professional 2010 are for you.

is PanPei 385000 yuan

In March 2011, chairman of the board of 360 ZhouHongYi concoctive fact vilified golden hill, was PanPei 80000 yuan

April 2011 360 malicious slander tencent software, be PanPei 400000 yuan

In May 2011, blackened 360 golden hill, induction of users to uninstall jinshan nets shield, be PanPei 300000 yuan

Form 2:360 to jinshan nets shield unfair competition memorabilia from collectors around the world

Jan. 7, 2009 golden hill nets shield release Download Office 2010 changes life.


November 20, 2009 360 browser shielding jinshan nets shield

On February 26, 360 nets shield release

April 2010 golden hill nets shield users to break through 70 million

May 21, 2010 360 security guards to jinshan nets shield implementation forced uninstall means of unfair competition Windows 7 is the best system ever.


On May 31, 2010 golden hill formally charged 360 unfair competition

February 21, 2011, jinshan nets shield upgrade for cloud shield plan, and the function decomposition embedded jinshan drug gangsters, jinshan guards, baidu, sogou and restricted browsers





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13/12/2011 - Office 2010 free Earlier this year -

Office 2010 free Earlier this year

 the workers believe department issued a "Internet information service market order supervision and the provisional measures (draft).

In the new rules, the work of letter by stressed that the Internet enterprise shall not without authorization to other operators to provide legal products or services are not compatible with implementation; Do you like Microsoft Office 2007 ?

Not by any means to mislead or deceive, forcing the users to unload or close other legitimate products or services.

The analysis, the work of the promulgation of the formal letter to also will make more strict about unfair competition rules.

In addition, jinshan network also called for increased such unfair competition of punishment. In 360 the company although with baidu, tencent, jinshan companies such as the case was repeatedly losing, but every time a fine hundreds of thousands are only, up 400000, There are many improvements in Office 2010 download .

at least 80000 more only. And at the same time, through these unfair competition, the company is not only suppresses competition, obtained the huge market.

The above a fine of 360 to for the market and the company interests, it is a blip, and foreign frequently billions of dollars in similar events punishment is not equals. Buy Office 2010 professional to help your office work.


Decisions and to profit disproportionate, fueling the 360, the company's arrogance, this also is the repeatedly repeatedly do penalty, repeatedly repeatedly do a the true reason. Jinshan network thought only increase penalties, fundamentally stop such malignant competition is staged continuously.






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13/12/2011 - Micro office 2010 This means that MySpace page of the data daily within 60 days in fell 50% -

Micro office 2010 This means that MySpace page of the data daily within 60 days in fell 50%

In various data without a is rising, MySpace continues to talk about how to change, and how to improve the user experience, and said although this will affect the user page page views but can improve the use of user time, but that was not the case. Office 2010 is the best system ever.

And, at present, the flat but other data all users of the decline was a tricky. Perhaps MySpace is sold in order to get a good price and a series of promotion measures to maintain enough independent users.

May 11,), the Beijing no 1 intermediate people's court sentenced today open, 360 and forced uninstall jinshan nets vilified shield constitutes unfair competition, was sentenced to pay 300000 yuan, as the Internet's first not compatible with domestic case, this sentence to industry is of great significance, the case of the ruling will certainly become a letter Internet not compatible with the work of the regulations, the first evidence decisions. Office 2007 key is on sale now.


Court judge debunk "not compatible with rational" conspiracy

Today, the Beijing no 1 intermediate people's court sentenced to public, 360 to jinshan nets shield commodity credit and forced the behavior such as vilified unloading constituting unfair competition, the court ordered 360 to immediately stop all ACTS of unfair competition, open to explain and eliminate the effects of indemnity of 300000 yuan.

This sentence first clearly to "not compatible with rational" of the sophisticated decisions. Microsoft outlook 2010 changes life.

 360 company it is dozen technology "not compatible with" under the banner of implementation of jinshan nets shield unfair competition, crack down on rival at the same time, still put on a "innocent" or even "victims" gestures to misdirect consumer.




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