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6/04/2012 - 2010 office professional and customer can in BBS released -

2010 office professional and customer can in BBS released

on wearing underwear and experience of choose and office 2010 key buy, thus gathered popularity. But hit into more than 400 yuan, underwear B2C popularity has not come up, little flow, and more can't talk about sales. Eventually, had to shut down web sites.

The failure of the B2C zhang aware that his background in electronic business and technology is not professional. "Let professional people do professional thing", make its own network marketing is not necessarily to build platform, the use of market has the idea began to mature platform. So since 2008, zhang began to layout network, and choose to Microsoft Office 2010 clean out treasure moving. Just a few have already registered phil fashion brand, April 10, 2008, taobao mall on GAINREEL underwear flagship store opened for business, and clean out treasure after opening in the earliest of the mall is one of the business.

No matter any product, location is the key. The famous American marketing experts al Leeds once put, location is of products in the future potential customer's Outlook mind determines a reasonable position. The location of the basic principle is not to create a new or different things, but to manipulate people heart of the original idea. The consumer's mind is marketing the ultimate battlefield.





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