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26/12/2011 - Office 2010 Business 2011 January 4 -

Office 2010 Business 2011 January 4

rice nets to the employees and the third party advisor offer options, the employee can buy a total of 16.665 million ordinary shares, the third party advisor to buy 2.5 million shares of common stock, price of $0.36 per share. Office 2010 key is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.


Therefore it can be calculated, rice washing nets so far distributed 100 million shares of common stock plan, has distributed 79.59 million shares of common stock.

In 2010, rice nets to executives paid 2.4 million yuan ($400000) in cash, not to any non-executive directors pay cash salary. Office 2010 download is free for you.

 That same year, the rice to the management company paid 198651 yuan (us $29357), as retirement and similar benefits.

On May 19, the chairman of the morning news this morning WangJianZhou mobile, said its "global" brand sale is not malignant competition, just optimization calling plans, have confidence on can increase your income. He also said it has reached an agreement with apple, Office 2010 is 100% perfect.

a new generation iPhone 4 G will join the domestic type (TD-LTE).

After China mobile announced on its package price of adjustment, including global travel package of a 388 yuan package, cut prices to about 40%, moving in the relevant person in charge of also said, ten years to China mobile's due average level has dropped 82%.

This morning in the shareholders' meeting, shareholders' criticism company "cut-throat" reduce the price, think it is a vicious competition.





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