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13/12/2011 - Download office 2010 Video industry is a burn money profession -

Download office 2010 Video industry is a burn money profession

besides bandwidth, server, the huge spending, film and television play, movies and other copyrighted content resources is a bottomless pit. Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

Fortunately, from since the establishment in 2005, although video field competition is intense, high attrition rate, popular with hd video on demand in the net of P2P video broadcast focused and technology innovation, and adhere to the open cooperation claims, and baidu alliance partners close cooperation, in the industrial chain upstream and downstream and video distribution, leading all the way.

Baidu for video industry a blood transfusion

Video industry though has a huge flow, but because the early video advertising not mature, and customers on the video advertising awareness is not high, cause most video client, There are many improvements in Office 2007 .

 video web site make ends meet. Popular nets USES is the P2P streaming media technology, which can reduce the server and bandwidth costs, but still need to denounce is gigantic endowment to buy that play the original content, etc. "In the early advertising revenue scale hours, baidu union have huge advertising customers resources, and the flow of cash for popular network provides a good channel, also offers a stable income. From baidu union is still FenZhang earnings of us a nice income amount." Popular nets CEO LuoJiangChun said.

In addition to the cash flow, baidu search is popular video software client promotion and download a very important channel, Outlook 2010 is on sale now.

 it ensures that the popular software in the group in Internet users share, and popular itself provided high quality video on demand service, attracted a large number of 25 to 40 years old high value of the crowd, and that it is also popular advertising value of carrying fundamental, the circuitous diversion of the value more than of income on into, and to promote the popular video software client brand and influence.







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