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13/12/2011 - Office 2010 key That judgment, in May 2010 -

Office 2010 key That judgment, in May 2010

computer users in the installation of the 360 security guards version 7.1, then install jinshan nets shield, the system will be activated automatically to the following tip box, 360 through the various technical means to forcibly uninstall competitive products, Outlook 2010 is discount for this month.

the purpose of jinshan nets shield.

360 into the Internet not compatible with regulations lost the first evidence decisions

Industry insiders commentary on this day 360 and jinshan network is the first case of Internet not compatible with case, the first comprehensive judgment geographical clear not compatible with sophisticated, the first clear to the so-called "not compatible with" no legitimacy, is of great significance. Microsoft outlook is the best system ever.


At present, the domestic Internet market because the number of users and are very huge market potential, cause there are many non-standard, unfair competition behavior.

As the losing party 360 companies, not only with golden hill network appeared an act of unfair competition, had and including baidu, tencent, sogou, many enterprises such as rising restricted, appeared the same behavior. Although 360 company always have a different reason, but the law ruling proved again that just browbeating opponent alibi. Office 2007 is on sale now.


Aiming at this kind of behavior, the home also has the anti-unfair competition law "and other relevant provisions, but the rules for the development of the Internet industry is changing ragged.

According to information, the current domestic Internet industry is not standard competition behavior has also caused including workers believe department, the attention of the various ministries.




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