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6/04/2012 - 2010 microsoft office download Although a hard-fought victory, -

2010 microsoft office download  Although a hard-fought victory,

but zhang knows, online shop training an ms office professional 2010 old users than training a new user is more valuable because old users can not only provide the deal, still can provide good public praise propaganda, the future with the consumption of the old users upgrade, and will become the company more high-end products of potential buyers. So, improve secondary conversion became the most important lesson zhang.

In addition to insist on performance and price and ms office 2010 decided to use the service to improve zhang second conversion rate.

Zhang ordered all staff must wear GAINREEL underwear. Not only wear, also mention the improved product opinion. So, the product but did not sell to customers hand in time to find out the problem. In addition, customer service wear your underwear brand Microsoft Office 2007 of product will know more about, in the prosperous and communicating with clients to the needs of the customers and the product better docking.

Another option, is to set up the database. And ordinary clothing is different, underwear model and design difference is that, the network has not fitting of defects, but the network another advantage is customer purchase trajectory to be followed.







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6/04/2012 - 2010 office professional and customer can in BBS released -

2010 office professional and customer can in BBS released

on wearing underwear and experience of choose and office 2010 key buy, thus gathered popularity. But hit into more than 400 yuan, underwear B2C popularity has not come up, little flow, and more can't talk about sales. Eventually, had to shut down web sites.

The failure of the B2C zhang aware that his background in electronic business and technology is not professional. "Let professional people do professional thing", make its own network marketing is not necessarily to build platform, the use of market has the idea began to mature platform. So since 2008, zhang began to layout network, and choose to Microsoft Office 2010 clean out treasure moving. Just a few have already registered phil fashion brand, April 10, 2008, taobao mall on GAINREEL underwear flagship store opened for business, and clean out treasure after opening in the earliest of the mall is one of the business.

No matter any product, location is the key. The famous American marketing experts al Leeds once put, location is of products in the future potential customer's Outlook mind determines a reasonable position. The location of the basic principle is not to create a new or different things, but to manipulate people heart of the original idea. The consumer's mind is marketing the ultimate battlefield.





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26/12/2011 - Microsoft 2010 office but may not consider new hair -

Microsoft 2010 office but may not consider new hair

 in case the diluted existing shareholders' rights and interests. He said, may consider the parent company selling old shares in the form of A shares listed. Office 2007 has a very simple way to install.


Mobile today shares fell 0.217%, the report for hk $69.05.

On May 19 afternoon news, aeryn was released today in March 2011  China stood the charts, clean out treasure together, shake handshandle nets and cost-effective group nets occupy march average daily coverage  station number three.

1. The main selection according to continue in February 2011  China stood ranking, march ereli consulting still choose "average daily cover number",buy office 2010 likes the assistant in your office.

 "monthly total visits", "access to order conversion rate (the number of average daily calculation)" three index to evaluate the  station ranking. Among them, the "average daily number cover to reflect  stand user penetration rate; "Monthly total visits" characterization of  stand of user cognitive and loyalty; "Access to order conversion rate (the number of average daily calculation)" it is reflected website to the user to organise team-buying sessions actual attraction. Do you ever buy the Microsoft Office 2007 ?


2. The selection index statistic method statement covering number on the statistical range: in the month, the web site of the independent on an average day visit to subscribers, the user to repeat visit not repeat statistical calculation formula: average daily coverage of daily website that month number = covered the average value of the total number of monthly visits the statistical range:




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26/12/2011 - Office 2010 product key To this -

Office 2010 product key To this

WangJianZhou response, said the move is rational price competition, to the efficiency and profit first, price changes to package is optimized calling plans, and pay more attention to data services, Office 2010 beta is very easy.

he is confident of sale can increase the company income.

WangJianZhou also said, the company has been in and apple to discuss whether 3 G iPhone compatible domestic type (td-scdma), but so far it has not been an apple to agree, so now the iPhone users can only use the mainland in the mobile provides 2.5 G service. But he revealed, and apple has reached an agreement, the future of a new generation of iPhone 4 G will join the domestic type (TD-LTE). The 4 G technology progress, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a great assistant for your daily life.

he said the, is still on a scale tests, and did not involve licensing number matters, believe in May, within the next year, launched.

Shareholders in share prices have questioned the move too low and investment losses, and calls the company hand has a huge cash, suggested that increased dividends. To this, WangJianZhou said, the company's share price fall really very much, the current valuations were also lower, but the first quarter net profit of the company have growth, business development is still good, Microsoft Outlook is an amazing gift for me.

have confidence for the future. He stressed that management attach great importance to create value for shareholders, but because want to keep cash for the company's long-term interests consideration, so this year won't consider distributed special dividend.

The return of A share in mobile topic, WangJianZhou says, the company has been hopes to be able to return to A shares, let the mainland people also have investment opportunities,





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26/12/2011 - Office 2010 Business 2011 January 4 -

Office 2010 Business 2011 January 4

rice nets to the employees and the third party advisor offer options, the employee can buy a total of 16.665 million ordinary shares, the third party advisor to buy 2.5 million shares of common stock, price of $0.36 per share. Office 2010 key is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.


Therefore it can be calculated, rice washing nets so far distributed 100 million shares of common stock plan, has distributed 79.59 million shares of common stock.

In 2010, rice nets to executives paid 2.4 million yuan ($400000) in cash, not to any non-executive directors pay cash salary. Office 2010 download is free for you.

 That same year, the rice to the management company paid 198651 yuan (us $29357), as retirement and similar benefits.

On May 19, the chairman of the morning news this morning WangJianZhou mobile, said its "global" brand sale is not malignant competition, just optimization calling plans, have confidence on can increase your income. He also said it has reached an agreement with apple, Office 2010 is 100% perfect.

a new generation iPhone 4 G will join the domestic type (TD-LTE).

After China mobile announced on its package price of adjustment, including global travel package of a 388 yuan package, cut prices to about 40%, moving in the relevant person in charge of also said, ten years to China mobile's due average level has dropped 82%.

This morning in the shareholders' meeting, shareholders' criticism company "cut-throat" reduce the price, think it is a vicious competition.





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